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Rahr and Sons Winter Warmer

Welcome back from Thanksgiving, Pint Jockeys! How are you holding up after the long weekend? If you’re like us, your nose is already back to the grindstone and you’re looking for the perfect Texas craft brew to hold you over ‘til the next holiday. Well worry not, Pint Jockeys, because we’re here today to tell you about one of our favorite winter seasonals, Rahr & Sons Winter Warmer.

Winter Warmer is wonderfully robust, rich and full-bodied, created in the fine British tradition of holiday ales. Served best at 55 degrees, it is dark brown in color and has tasting notes of chocolate, roast and mild bitterness. Paired well with Stilton and blue cheeses, Winter Warmer is the perfect complement to a hearty holiday meal (although we’ve been known to drink one and call it “dinner” a time or two).

No matter how you drink Winter Warmer, drink it responsibly and quickly, this Rahr seasonal is only available through December. We’d love to hear where you tried your first Winter Warmer, so let us know in the comments below.

Cheers, Pint Jockeys!

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