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Southern Star Old Potentate

Happy Texas Tuesday, Pint Jockeys! We hope you had a great time at Yaga’s Chili Quest & Beer Fest this weekend and were able to try some new and rare craft brews. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, and have the photos to prove it.

From left to right: The stellar crowd at Beer Fest; serving up a Goose Island; radio announcer and beer blogger James Simpson and Mark Del Losso, brewmaster at Beerfoot Beach Bar, sampling Mark’s latest creation – yum!

From left to right: The stellar crowd at Beer Fest; serving up a Goose Island; radio announcer and beer blogger James Simpson and Mark Del Losso, brewmaster at Beerfoot Beach Bar, sampling Mark’s latest creation – yum!

After spending the weekend trying craft beers from all over the country, we’re happy to be back in the saddle enjoying a new selection brewed right here in the great state of Texas. Our northerly neighbors at Southern Star Brewery in Conroe have released a new winter seasonal, and we’ve gotta say, it’s a winner! Their new brew, Old Potentate, is a British Style Old Ale and only available in these chilly (ha, right) December and January months.

old potentateSouthern Star tells us Old Potentate is made with Thomas Fawcett and Sons Marris Otter malt as a base, while British and Belgian Crystal malts round out the malt bill. The dominant hop profile is that of East Kent Golding.

As expected, this beer summons the tastes and aromas of winter – caramel, fruitcake and nuttiness – with spices and an earthiness to round out the finish. Coming in at 7.2% ABV, Old Potentate is available in 12oz. 4-pack cans, 750 ML bottles and on draught.

Remember James Simpson, our beer buddy and radio host featured in the third photo, above? He even featured the latest Southern Star Brew on his Beer Page today, so give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Do you have any other Southern Star favorites? ‘Til next time, cheers, Pint Jockeys!

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It’s back for a limited time!

Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Pint Jockeys! We know everyone is busy preparing for the big day, so we’ll keep this short and sweet.

In case you haven’t heard, Saint Arnold’s Sailing Santa will make its brief return this week, just in time for your holiday feasts. A brew created several years ago as a combination of Elissa IPA and Christmas Ale, Sailing Santa is better than ever thanks to a few small tweaks. For this batch, the two brews were blended pre-fermentation and a touch of cinnamon was added to give it a fuller spice flavor. The result? Yet another Saint Arnold brew. And while it’s delicious by itself, it may taste even better when washing down hearty, holiday foods.

Sailing Santa, which will be available in 22 ounce bottles, can only be found at grocery and liquor stores, so don’t expect to enjoy a pint at your local watering hole. And, because it’s a limited edition brew, it won’t last long. We suggest picking up a few while you’re out Black Friday shopping or better yet, stock up in advance so you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the brew while watching some football. Pair with Thanksgiving leftovers and we’d say you’ve got yourself a near perfect Friday afternoon.

As always, please drink responsibly and have a happy Thanksgiving, Pint Jockeys!


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The Pint Jockeys highlight their favorites!

‘Tis the season…of the winter seasonal, that is! Every year around this time, many of our favorite craft breweries from all over the country release their limited-edition brews, specially concocted for the holiday months. And while each has its own unique personality, all winter seasonals have a few common traits.

For instance, American winter ales tend to be spicier and warmer. According to BYO.com (Brew Your Own), winter selections are often amber or darker in color and are brewed to be “stronger, richer and more full-bodied.” Typically, they are flavored with those spices which remind you of the holidays – you know, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and more. Tasty!

Some of our favorite seasonals include Saint Arnold’s Christmas Ale (available now) and its upcoming Winter Stout, a creamy, full-bodied yet sweet stout with subtle chocolate and coffee flavors. Watch for that one to hit shelves in December. Of course Rahr & Sons’ Winter Warmer, which features flavors of chocolate and roasted malts, and Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale, one of their most sought-after releases with its layers of pine and citrus hop aromas, are also perfect for a cold winter day. Last but not least, we’re thankful for the return of New Belgium’s Snow Day, with its serious load of Styrian Goldings, Centennial and Cascade hops!

Have we forgotten any classics? Which are your favorite winter seasonals? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts on Facebook. We’re always looking to try something new!

‘Til next time, we’ll be cozied up by a fire enjoying one (or all) of these picks.

Happy holidays, Pint Jockeys!

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