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A Texas Tuesday German-Style Doppelbock

rahr the regulator

We’ll preface this blog post by saying you’ll be lucky to get your hands on today’s Texas Tuesday featured beer, Rahr and Sons’ The Regulator.

Part of the brewery’s “To Thee Series” (and therefore brewed in seriously limited supply), The Regulator is a German-Style Doppelbock named after and brewed in honor of the Regulators of yesteryear, “a deputized posse, persistent and strong, resilient and relentless,” according to Rahr and Sons.

With the abovementioned characteristics and at 8.5% ABV, it’s easy to see why they call Rahr’s doppelbock an overwhelmingly more robust version of a traditional bock. The Regulator is made for “malt heads;” it’s got a large, creamy, persistent head with intense malty flavors and aromas with little hop presence.

We hear the Fort Worth-based brewery is serving up The Regulator at events throughout Texas. Should you be so lucky to attend one, or happen to snag a bottle at your favorite watering hole, for Pete’s sake, let us know where!

Until next time, Pint Jockeys!

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Join the Beer of the Month club with Rahr & Sons Pecker Wrecker

BOTM’s Up, Pint Jockeys! We’re back with our regularly scheduled programming and present to you our July beer of the month: Rahr & Son’s Pecker Wrecker. We apologize for the delay, and guarantee this unforgettable seasonal is well worth the wait!

Available for a very limited time as part of the To Thee Series, Pecker Wrecker was originally released in 2005 as the first of Rahr & Sons’ seasonal brews, and has since created quite the (ahem) name for itself.   The unique logo, seen today on t-shirts, glasses and tap handles everywhere, was selected when the brewer called on beer lovers to submit logos using only a woodpecker and a red tow truck. So sure, some of the popularity may stem from Pecker Wrecker’s memorable logo and innuendo-laden name, but the main thing that gets hopheads talking is the unforgettable flavor.

This seasonal Bohemian-style, Imperial Rye pilsner (that’s a mouthful!) has a rich, amber color and is highly hopped at 7% ABV.  With a medium-to-full body and malty backbone, you’ll love this bock-like pilsner!  As hop characteristics explode in your mouth, you’ll be left wanting more. And you can feel justified in your cravings; Tastings.com gave Pecker Wrecker a 91 points rating, which qualifies the beer as “exceptional.”

It’s no surprise that Pecker Wrecker was re-released as part of the To Thee Series,  a group of brews meant to celebrate more than 160 years of Rahr Brewing history and traditions. These limited quantity selections are known to fly off the shelves, so be sure to pick some up this weekend!

Time to raise your glass (or 22 oz bottle) and cheers to another unforgettable brew!

Until next time, Pint Jockeys!

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