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Pedernales Classic IPA 

Hello again, Pint Jockeys. Last week, we had the pleasure of participating in another American Craft Beer Week and we’re certainly sad to see it go! We hope you enjoyed a week of craft-centric celebrations as much as we did. Although the festivities may have passed, we’re still doing what we do best; trying any craft beer we can get our hands on and sharing our findings with all you fine folks.

As we approach a big weekend for backyard barbeques and brewskis with friends, we wanted to highlight a craft beer that should make its way into ice buckets all over Southeast Texas. Our Texas Pick of the Week is Pedernales Classic IPA.

In recent years, we’ve seen craft breweries across the nation brew up their own version of the classic IPA, a beer with a diverse and often disputed history. One thing is certain with any IPA: hops are the driving force of the brew. The rule stays true with the English style IPA from Pedernales. The Texas Hill Country brewery uses NW American hops in both the boil and through “dry hopping,” balancing out the malty sweetness of barley. The combination gives an herbal aroma and it pours a light copper color. A specialized caramel malt gives this beer a light toasted flavor  that is not too bitter or strong. Rather, this beer is balanced, clean, and dry. It’s a perfect addition to a plate of baby back ribs or smoked brisket!

Whatever is going on your grill for the grilling season, Pedernales Classic IPA is a good beer to have in the ice chest to share with friends and family. If you stopped by a Del Papa Distribution Center in Beaumont or Victoria for the Monthly Tasting Event in May, you’ve had a go at this India Pale Ale. Share your thoughts with us! Until next time, cheers!

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Pedernales Lobo Negro

Pedernales Lobo Negro Logo

Happy American Craft Beer Week, fellow Pint Jockeys! As if we need a designated time to celebrate our favorite craft selections, this week we raise an extra-large glass to small breweries around the nation challenging the status quo on traditional beer making. You can find a full list of Pint Jockeys-sponsored Craft Beer Week events on our Facebook page, but first, take a moment to get to know our Texas Tuesday Pick of the Week: Pedernales Lobo Negro, a dark lager beer from the Texas Hill Country.

A true dark German beer, or “dunkel,” Lobo Negro is a balanced beaut. Decades before light Pilsner lager beers were even a reality for brewers due to the lack of technology allowing them malt that was light in color and dry enough to store properly, dark lagers ruled the scene. Lobo Negro pours a dark brown color with a spicy maltiness that is neither sweet nor too dry. The lager yeast is worked at low temperatures to impart a clean roundness and balance. If beef is what’s for dinner, Pedernales Lobo Negro would be an excellent pairing for those heavy, cowboy dishes.

Recently picked up by Del Papa Distributing Company, Lobo Negro and a selection of its Pedernales companions are now being distributed to the Victoria, Beaumont and Galveston/Texas City areas.

If you’re near Beaumont or Victoria, sample Logo Negro at the Pint Jockeys Monthly Tasting event on May 16. See the full lineup of beer offerings at this month’s tastings in Beaumont, Victoria and Texas City – plus a roundup of all the American Craft Beer Week events along the Texas Gulf Coast – on the Pint Jockeys Facebook page.


As always, cheers, Pint Jockeys!

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Introducing Pedernales Brewing Company

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Good day to you all, Pint Jockeys. We’ve got some exciting news for you! Although if you follow our Facebook page, you may have already heard: Del Papa Distributing Company is now distributing selections from Pedernales Brewing Company in Victoria, Beaumont and the Galveston/Texas City area! We’re pretty excited about it and we’ll outline a few reasons why you should be too.

First off, Pedernales is based out of Fredericksburg, Texas, one of the best places to unwind with a cold one. Second, its president and CEO, Lee Hereford, spent many years in the wine business, meaning he knows a thing or two about a good libation.

The folks at Pedernales have been distributing craft brew for about a year – since April 2012. They’ve got five beers in their lineup, including Lobo Lito, their premium Texas Pilsner; Lobo Texas Lager; Lobo Negro; plus an English Style IPA and their Classic Hefe-Weizen. Each week during the month of May we’ll feature a different selection from the Pedernales lineup to feature as the Pint Jockeys Texas Tuesday pick of the week.


Today we’re featuring their flagship beer, Lobo Texas Lager. They call it their “clean, refreshing” pilsner, made from a recipe dating back to the pre-prohibition days of 1910 (awesome). Using Hill Country well water and Czech hops (what else?), Lobo Lager is brilliantly crisp and clear with a dense head of foam, light golden color, and subtle hop aroma. Of course, it pairs well with our favorite food groups – TexMex and pizza.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of Pedernales’ brews yet, and if so, where you found them. And come back next week for another Texas Tuesday feature on one of their offerings! Until then, cheers, Pint Jockeys!

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