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Today’s Texas Tuesday pick is Saint Arnold Brewing Company’s Bishop’s Barrel No. 4

BB4 Saint Arnold

We have MUCH to celebrate this Texas Tuesday, Pint Jockeys.

Mark your calendar, clean your palette and put on your party hat because Saint Arnold Brewing Company is scheduled to release a brand new beer next Monday, August 12th!

The latest in their barrel aged series of beers, Bishop’s Barrel Series No.4 – a.k.a “BB4” – is a Weizenbock aged in bourbon barrels with cocoa nibs from Tejas Chocolate. Joining BB1-BB3, BB4 is the latest in this unique series of beers that have been barrel aged in barrels chosen to enhance and complement the characteristics of the underlying beers.  Aging times for this series can range from a few months to over a year, but are designed to be enjoyed soon after bottling due to the long amount of time they stew in the barrels.

The BB4 brew pours a dark brown color with a very light head with a bourbon, chocolate and banana nose and a taste reminiscent of the perfect banana split, topped with some chocolate ice cream and spiked with a little bourbon.

Like we said, Pint Jockeys, put on your party hat for this one.

While we tend to think “cold” when we think of frozen treats, the folks at Saint Arnold maintain that the warmer this beer gets the better it tastes, and recommend enjoying it between 55°F and 60°F.

Adding to the unique nature of this brew is the small amount of beer produced from the barrels.  Due to limited production, Bishop’s Barrel releases are only available at your favorite bars and restaurants… And thus, we think next Monday sounds like a great time to meet up with some fellow Pint Jockeys, and order yourselves some BB4’s.

Get em’ while they last, Pint Jockeys! Cheers!


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