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Amber Ale Mosaic Hops

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.’s dry hopped Amber Ales keep on coming and we are NOT complaining!

As the brewery continues to recognize 20 years of brewing Amber Ale, we’ve already enjoyed two different special batches dry hopped with Liberty and Cascade Hops. Now on shelves is what the brewers are calling the “third, final and most intense release of the series – Amber Ale Dry hopped with Mosaic.”

According to the folks at Saint Arnold, “Mosaic is a relatively new hop variety that gives an intense tropical, passion fruit aroma when used for dry hopping. To make sure that the Mosaic was able to shine, we dry hopped the beer once during fermentation and again prior to bottling. The addition of all that Mosaic transforms Amber Ale from a well-balanced beer to one that is incredibly hop forward.”

This third and final release in what has been a FANTASTIC series is available in 22 oz. bomber bottles and on cask at select establishments. We hope you’ll get your hands on some while you can and let us know what you think.

We’ll see you back on the blog next week with another Texas Tuesday pick. Cheers, Pint Jockeys.

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Ale Wagger

As far as we’re concerned, man’s best friends are dogs and beer. When we heard that Saint Arnold Brewing Co. was renaming one of its most beloved beers to serve the canine community we had to know more!

Here’s what happened to your beloved Amber Ale, Pint Jockeys.

It just got a new moniker and colorful packaging with images of pooches throughout as part of a partnership between Saint Arnold and the BARC animal shelter – a city-run organization that encourages citizens to spay, neuter and adopt pets. The brewery will donate $1 to the organization from each case of Ale Wagger sold.

Brown Ale itself was introduced 19 years ago and while it has won many awards and quite a following among Texas craft beer aficionados, the brewers decided it was time to do a bit of rebranding. According to this Houston Chronicle item, the brewery had been in discussions to change the name and color scheme for at least a decade. The timing and cause was right and bam – Ale Wagger was born.

Same great beer, different name, great cause. We’ll drink to that!

Have you spotted it anywhere, Pint Jockeys? Let us know!

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Pint Jockeys like beer









This month’s tasting events are all about the spice of life – variety! The lineup (identical for all three locations) offers a first taste of Montejo – Anheuser-Busch InBev’s first imported Mexican lager – plus four ales and a cider. We hope you’ll grab your friends and join us for a night of good drinks and good times.

Read on for full details on each selection:

Montejo – Brewed in Mexico and imported to the United States, Montejo is made using a time-honored recipe and storied Mexican brewing traditions. The result is a bright, smooth and full-flavored lager with a crisp finish. Anheuser-Busch’s introduction of Montejo marks the first time this regional beer has been available to drinkers outside of Mexico.

Montejo bottle







Saint Arnold Icon Gold – Mandarina Wheat – This golden slightly hazy beer has a nice creamy head with a lightly fruity aroma. The taste starts with a light hoppy bitter that carries through to the finish although never coming on too strong. The wheat malt provides a soft body that complements the hops while remaining light. The beer is highly refreshing with a nice hop finish that makes you want another sip.

Icon Gold Mandarina Wheat






Karbach Karbachtoberfest – An authentic, Bavarian-style Marzen, this brew is created with mashed Vienna and Munich malts, then cold fermented and aged for six weeks to create its impressive rounded malt character. With a clear amber pour and foamy, off-white head, this brew gives off an aroma full of toffee and caramel notes. You’ll also note hints of earth and grass entwined with its extremely malty smell.


Karbach Karbachtoberfest





Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat – This traditional Belgian-style wheat ale fully captures all the flavors of fall. The ale is brewed with ripe pumpkins and a variety of autumnal spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves to create a refreshingly smooth mouthfeel.

Shock Top pumpkin wheat








Woodchuck Hopsation – This hop-forward cider has the pine and citrus aromas of cascade hops. Woodchuck’s classic, crisp apple taste combines with the bitterness of hops to create a semi-dry style, perfect to enjoy year round.








Paulaner Oktoberfest Wiesn – The majestic deep golden color is the first hint that one must try this beer. Earthy aromas of barley and yeast ease the drinker into the centuries old art of German Brewing. Highly drinkable and once only available in the tents of the Munich Oktoberfest, one can now enjoy the tradition of Oktoberfest in their own home.


Paulander Oktoberfest Weisn







All tastings run from 5-7PM and are free and open to adults ages 21 and older. See you this Thursday at one of the following tasting locations:


Beaumont: Del Papa Distribution Center, Hospitality Room, 410 I-10 South, Beaumont, TX 77707

Victoria: Del Papa Distribution Center, Hospitality Room, 3907 E. Rio Grande, Victoria, TX 77807

Texas City: Del Papa Distribution Center, Hospitality Room, 1220 I-45, Texas City, TX 77591




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Saint Arnold Amber Ale with Cascade hops

Saint Arnold Brewing Company continues to celebrate 20 years in the brewing business with another specially-hopped release! Now on shelves is Amber Ale with Cascade hops, the second in this series of what will eventually be three total small dry hopped Amber Ale batches.

We hope you tried and loved the version with Liberty hops and are here to tell you that this new Cascade hopped version is just as delicious.

Available in 22 oz. bottles and limited casks, the ale incorporates Cascade as both a bittering and dry hop here, contributing a spicy citrus aroma commonly associated with American Pale Ales. The aroma of the beer strikes a pleasant balance with a caramel maltiness and light fruity flavors – both signatures of the classic Amber Ale.

During the brewing process, Cascade hops are added early on for bitterness to balance the malt sweetness, with more added in the middle of the brew to give a pleasant hop flavor. The beer’s light fruitiness is derived from the brewer’s proprietary yeast strain.

Want to know a cool fact? Saint Arnold Amber Ale dry hopped with Cascade is a throwback to the earliest days of the brewery when they dry hopped casks of Amber Ale with Cascade, one of the only cask ales you could find in Texas at the time. Oh, how much the Texas craft beer industry has grown since then.

Cheers to another great Saint Arnold release and cheers to you, Pint Jockeys. Thanks for spending some time with us today. We’ll see you back here next week with another Texas Tuesday feature.

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