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Southern Star’s Red Cockaded

southern star red cockaded

How goes it, Pint Jockeys? No complaints from our side of the computer. We’re just counting down the days ‘til the weekend when we can indulge in good food and great beer.

Today’s featured beer is new to the Texas Tuesday lineup. It’s Southern Star Brewing Company’s spring seasonal, Red Cockaded, a West Coast Style Imperial Red Ale.

Southern Star notes the beer is a “deep red, with a generous dose of malted rye and English crystal malts, giving the malt profile a sticky caramel property and substantial earthiness.” And it’s quite hoppy. With “massive late charges of Pacific Northwest hops,” and because it is generously dry-hopped,” Red Cockaded has a citrus, pine and resin aroma and flavor.

And now, a little more about that name. Red Cockaded Ale is actually named after the Red Cockaded woodpeckers who happen to live near Southern Star’s Conroe brewery. To help raise awareness for these and other endangered species, Southern Star donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer to the Friends of Texas Wildlife.

Available NOW, you can find Red Cockaded in cans and on draught at retailers, bars and restaurants. Pick up a few extra packs or buy a round for your friends. After all, charitable drinking is the best kind of drinking.

‘Til next Tuesday, Pint Jockeys!

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Happy First Anniversary to Texas BIG BEER Brewery

texas big beer one year

Call it a birthday, anniversary or commemoration, but whatever you call it, know this: Texas brewers Tammy and John McKissack just celebrated something BIG – the first full year of Texas BIG BEER in business!

We first introduced you to Texas BIG BEER Brewery in October 2012, when Del Papa Distributing announced it’d be carrying Big Texas Blonde, Renaissance Cowboy and Texas Crude throughout its three distribution areas across 17 counties.

texas big beer del papa

But the brewery’s story actually began earlier that year. In May 2012, the first batch of Big Texas Blonde, brewed in a small building deep in the Big Thicket of East Texas, hit area liquor store shelves. Soon after, the brewery debuted their beer on tap (and floated five kegs in the span of a few hours) at Madison’s on Dowlen in Beaumont.

In the last year, Texas BIG BEER has made appearances at several Texas festivals, held their grand opening to a crowd of over 300, introduced a few new brews to their lineup and expanded their distribution area across much of our great state. Along the way, they began brewery tours, garnered local and national media attention, picked up a coveted award – the Best Porter in the Rockies / Southwest at the United States Beer Tasting Championship for their Texas Crude – and most importantly, gained a loyal following all while developing, perfecting and growing their craft beer lineup.

texas big beer grand opening

All that makes for a story – and year – worth celebrating. And so, we tip our bottles back to you, Texas BIG BEER, for making the Lone Star State just a little tastier and a little more home-grown.

May your beer stay cold, malty and BIG, Pint Jockeys!

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All about Saint Arnold’s newest release, Icon BlueAn Iconic Texas Tuesday

icon blue

Raise your bottles, Pint Jockeys! You’ve nearly made it to the half-way mark of the week. How’s everyone doing?

We’d say we’re pretty swell, given that the second release in Saint Arnold’s Icon series is out and ready for the pickin’. Though this feeling is nothing new; every time the Saint Arnold folks release something new, we get excited.

Different from its predecessor (Icon Red), Icon Blue is a Cascadian Dark Ale, also known as a Black IPA. According to the fine folks at Saint Arnold, “it has a big hop nose and flavor with a great roast finish, yet a light body.” It’s now available in four packs and on tap for up to three months, or until it’s gone, so get it while the getting’s good.

And “get” this. Icon Blue is a derivative of Pete Garza’s winning entry of Saint Arnold’s 2012 Big Batch Brew Bash homebrew competition. We think congratulations are in order to Pete Garza!

One Facebook commenter mentioned Icon Blue is great on tap. Have you tried it yet? Let us know where and what you think in the comments below.

Until next time, cheers, Pint Jockeys!

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